Soups are one thing which you can have any time of the year or any time of the day.

In Boring hot summers when you don’t want to cook a laborious meal and spend hours in front of the stove, soups come handy. 

In chilly winters when instead of your kitchen your duvet calls you then too soups come to rescue. 

Not only soups are great in flavors but are high in nutritional values too.

The best thing about soups which I like the most is, you can have them hot or cold according to personal choice.

A simple twist or tweak here and there and tadaaa a new flavor is there in your bowl.

My family is fond of soups. We prefer having a toasted slice or garlic bread on the side and the meal is done.

Lentil soup is nothing new but my twist to this otherwise popular soup is addition of raw mangoes and believe me the taste was heavenly. 

This is my way of making this soup, simple and quick. Its loaded with goodness of daal, spinach, carrot, raw mango and some kaffir lime leaves for flavor.

Instead of bread I served with home made Khakra in Chips style which makes it a complete meal.

The combo was such a super hit that bowls and bowls were cleaned but still our heart was asking for more.
  • Best way to give your children all the vegetables.
  • Full of proteins,vitamins,minerals and iron.
  • SOUPer easy to make.
  • SOUPer yumm in taste.

  • So coming to the recipe part now-
    For Soup:( for 4 servings)


    Moong daal- 1cup( or any lentil/pulses/daal of your choice) ( Washed n soaked for ½hr.)

    Spinach- 8-10 leaves ( washed n chopped)

    Carrot- 1 medium size ( cut into cubes)

    Raw mango- 1 medium(peel ,discard the seed and cut cheeks into pieces)

    Kaffir lime leaves- 8-10 (You can use 1tbsp lemon juice instead of lime leaves)

    Salt  to taste

    Crushed Black Pepper To taste

    Turmeric powder -1 tsp

    Ginger- 2″ pc ( cut)


     Pressure cook all the above ingredients except pepper powder.( 3-4 whistles)

    Blend with a blender to a smooth consistency.

    Add pepper and adjust salt to your taste.

    Serve hot.

     For Khakra chips


    Gram flour( besan)-3 cups

    Wheat flour( atta)- 1 cup

    Kasoori methi- 2tsp

    Sesame seeds- 2 tsp

    Chaat masala- 1 tsp

    Red chilli powder- 1 tsp

    Coriander powder-1 tsp

    Salt to taste


    Make a medium hard dough with all the above ingredients by adding just enough water.

    Divide the dough into equal portions( just the size of normal chapati dough ball) and roll out each portion into very thin rounds with help of dry flour.

    Cook lightly for a few seconds on one side on a hot tawa (griddle).

    Turn it and make slight cuts with the help of a pizza cutter. The cuts should just be like markings.

    Apply a little ghee or oil.

    Turn it and cook again on a slow flame until crisp using little pressure.

    Your Khakra chips are ready.

    Serve these Khakra chips with hot Soup.