Mawa Mousse

Mawa Mousse
Mawa Mousse 
Eggless Mousse with flavors of white chocolate and gujiya filling. This mousse is the perfect fun dessert for your Holi party!
Preparation Time: 15 minutes 
Chilling/Setting Time: 2 hours 
Serves- 6
For Mawa Filling click here---Mawa Gujiya 
Mawa filling for Gujiyas- 6 tablespoon 
Milk- 3 tablespoon 
Whipping cream- 200 milliliter 
White chocolate chips- 1/2 cup
Icing sugar- 2 tablespoon 
Milk powder- 4 tablespoon 
For garnishing- saffron strands, dried rose petals and chopped nuts (mix of pista, almonds and cashews)
With the help of a blender jar blend together Mawa mixture with milk to a fine paste.
Microwave the chocolate chips till they are melted. Give them a good mix. Let them come to room temperature.
Meanwhile, whip the cream. Take the chilled heavy whipping cream in a bowl.
(To get perfect result use chilled cream, whisk and the mixing bowl by keeping all the things in refrigerator for about two hours)
Start whipping the cream and icing sugar by using a hand mixer or stand mixer with the whisk attachment. 
Whip it till you get soft peaks. 
Do not over-mix it otherwise cream might curdle and turn into butter.

Next, mix the blended filling mixture, milk powder and melted chocolate (at room temperature), into the whipped cream and give it a quick mix.

Be very gentle otherwise the whipped cream will lose all the airiness. 

Keep in the refrigerator to set for about 2 hours or more.

Garnish with saffron strands, dried rose petals and some chopped nuts.
Serve chilled.

Enjoy the blissful dessert!!!!