Cotton Candy Mahalabia

Cotton Candy Mahalabia
Cotton Candy Mahalabia
Mahalabia or Muhalabia is a popular middle eastern dessert. It is essentially a milk dessert which is creamy, rich, and mildly sweet, without being very heavy.
Milk - 1 liter 
Cream- 250 ml
Corn Flour- 7 tablespoons
Sugar- 3/4th cups 
FAB COTTON CANDY Flavor- 4 tablespoon 

For Garnishing- Cotton Candy, Chocolate sauce, Jam, Sugar Sprinkles and Pomegranate arils


For making Mahalabia:

From the 1 liter milk take out 1 cup milk.

Add cornflour to it and mix well so that there are no lumps.

In a heavy bottomed pan keep milk and cream for boiling on low heat.

Add in sugar also. Keep stirring.

Add the cornflour+milk mix to the simmering milk.

Stir constantly till the milk thickens and small air bubbles start to appear.

Add in the Fab Cotton Candy flavoring. Mix well.

Switch off the heat.

Divide it into individual serving bowls/cups and let it cool down then place in the fridge covered with cling film to cool for at least 2 hours.

It will thicken when cold.


Take an individual bowl/cup in which you have set your Mahalabia.
Drizzle either Chocolate sauce or diluted Jam over it.
Garnish with Pomegranate arils and Sugar Sprinkles.

Serve Chilled!!