Mouth watering, thirst quenching, refreshing and delicious Lemonade.
1 box of litchi juice was lying in my fridge, no body wanted to drink it.
So gave the plain Litchi Juice my twist and made “LITCHI LEMONADE”.
Believe me it was gone in seconds.
Sweetness of litchis was balanced by tanginess of lemons and freshness of ginger.
The added fruits were cherry on the top.
I added Chia seeds also as these are the best summer coolers.
🔻1ltr Litchi juice
🔻2″ pc of Ginger
🔻Juice of 1 lemon
🔻Black salt/ Salt to taste
🔻Few white grapes cut into halves
🔻Few Black grapes/ Blackberries cut into halves
🔻1-2 Strawberries chopped
🔻1tbsp Chia seeds soaked in water
🔻Few Mint leaves 
🔻Blend together Litchi juice, Ginger,Salt n Lemon juice.
🔻Add fruits.
🔻Add chia seeds.
🔻Mix well.
🔻Garnish with Mint Leaves.
🔻Tadda its done.