Come any special occasion/ party, I’m sure your home will be flooded with flowers. Generally people love giving flowers as gifts on special occasions.
I’m not against it but just dont like the concept of giving or getting flowers because after 3-4 days or maybe if you take good care 6-7 days they have to be thrown in the trash. 
Just the mere thought of dumping Nature’s beauty in trash cans brings my heart to my mouth and for the people who are allergic to pollen, well a flower bouquet will be far from a pleasurable gift.
Thought of an “easy on pocket and sight of beauty” way of making a bouquet.
These delicious fruity bouquets are the perfect gift to make any day special-from birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations, to sending best wishes, thanks or saying ‘I love you’.
I gifted this basket/bouquet to my dear hubby for valentines day(of course with a gift too😉)n he was surprised and amazed. 
Let your creative juices flow and make these beautiful edible bouquets which are not only a sight of beauty but pocket friendly too.
So from now on u can have your bouquet and eat it too.
Easy to make. You just need few fruits, skewers, pot of your choice and cookie cutters.
And trust me you’ll earn all the brownie points in the eyes of your host.
Your bouquet will become star of the party. 
You can arrange the cut fruits in the way u like.
In the pics you can see two ways:
In an empty half cut watermelon basket.
Fruits arranged in bbq skewers in a Pot.
 So now you all know what you have to bring at my place for your next visit😉