No Bake Mango Cream Oreo Tarts

No Bake Mango Cream Oreo Tarts
No Bake Mango Cream Oreo Tarts
Mango cream is a perfect summer dessert. Delicious mango purée is mixed with luscious silky cream and topped with mango chunks. You can make no bake tarts and fill them with mango cream to make it more gourmet. The chocolatey Oreos are a perfect match for this mango cream.
Serves- 7-8


Whipping cream or Heavy Cream- 500 milliliter 
Mangoes- 4, for making purée 
Icing Sugar or Sugar Powder- 4 tablespoon 
Mangoes- 2, for layering 
For Garnishing- Pomegranate arils, cherries, nuts, mint leaves


Peel and chop 4 mangoes.
Blend them to a smooth purée. Keep this purée in the fridge to chill.
Peel and chop 2 mangoes. Keep it aside.
While the purée is chilling, let’s prepare cream.
For that you can either use a stand mixer with whisk attachment or use a hand blender with whisk attachment.
In a deep bowl add in chilled cream and icing sugar. Start whipping it on low speed. 
Gradually increase the speed to medium high until it forms soft peaks.
Take out the prepared purée from the fridge. 
Reserve some purée and cream for Garnishing.

Add in ¼th of the whipped cream to the mango purée. Gently fold the cream in the mango purée.
Add the remaining cream in the same way by gently folding it with mango purée.
Your mango cream is ready. Chill it for at least an hour before serving.

Add some prepared mango cream at the bottom of the serving glass or bowl. Spoon some chopped mangoes over it.
Repeat to form another layer.
Top it up with some mango purée and whipped cream.
Chill for an hour. Garnish with pomegranate arils or cherries or mint leaves or nuts. Choice is yours.


Oreo biscuits- 32
Butter- 8 tablespoon (130 grams)


To make the tart shells, break Oreo cookies in a random manner.
Pulse them, along with the filling cream, in a food processor until finely ground.
Add in melted butter and mix well.
Press the mixture evenly onto the bottom and up the sides of your tart pan.
I have used 5 small tart pans of about 3 inches each with a removable bottom.
Place them in the fridge for about 45-50 minutes to firm up before adding the filling- Mango Cream.


When tarts are all set, loosen the edges and gently push the removable bottoms up and they will come out easily.
Spoon the chilled Mango cream into the chilled Oreo crust.
Garnish them with reserved whipped cream, purée and fruits or nuts of your choice.
Keep in the freezer these prepared tarts for an hour, before serving.
The cream will set very nicely in the tarts in the freezer.

Enjoy the chilled treat!!