Atta Ladoo/ Atte ke Ladoo

Atta Ladoo/ Atte ke Ladoo
 Atta Ladoo/ Atte ke Ladoo
These ladoos are super easy to make. Made with whole wheat flour and power packed nuts and superfood ghee, this is a very wholesome and filling snack. And not to forget homemade is always the best!!

Whole Wheat flour/ Atta- 2 Cups
Clarified Butter/ Ghee-3/4th cup
Powdered Sugar/ Boora- 1.5 cups
Green cardamom Powder-1/2 teaspoon
Almonds- 25, roughly chopped 
Cashews- 20, roughly chopped 
Pistachios- 10-15, roughly chopped 


In a wok or non stick pan add whole wheat flour and ghee.
Roast the flour on low flame.
Roast until the flour turns aromatic and dark brown in color.

Add nuts and cardamom powder also. 
All the nuts will get roasted in the hot ghee and flour mix.
Switch off the flame when the ghee begins to ooze out from the flour.

Cool down the mix little bit so that it is easy to handle.
If you will add powdered sugar to hot mix it'll release moisture. And the mix will become lumpy and moist.

Add powdered sugar when the mix is at room temperature.

Start making ladoos.
Divide the mix in lemon size balls and tightly bind each ball in a closed fist.
Garnish with some chopped nuts.

Store besan ladoo in air tight jars.