Dark Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse
This mousse is the simplest dessert that can be whipped up in a few minutes.  
This is without Eggs, Gelatin or any Artificial Colors.
Can be made ahead and served later thats why its Great for parties and get togethers.
Last but not the least I think You can never ever go wrong with Cream and Chocolate. And when you combine these two it just takes you to heavenly bliss.

500 ml Whipping Cream
250 grams Dark Chocolate
2 tablespoon Icing Sugar

Start by breaking the chocolate into small pieces.

Melt the chocolate either by using double boiler method(Take a saucepan with glassful of water and bring to a simmer. Put the bowl (with chocolate ) on top of it. Make sure that bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Keep stirring and it will starts to melt. Once it melts completely, it will be smooth and shiny. Remove the bowl from the heat.
Or you can melt it by microwaving in a heat proof bowl. Just keep the bowl with chocolate pieces in Microwave for 30 seconds. Give it a good stir to break all the lumps. If lumps are still there, keep it for 20 seconds more.
Stir well to have smooth chocolate.
Let the mixture cool down to room temperature. It may take about 15-20 minutes.

Meanwhile whip the cream. Take the chilled heavy whipping cream in a bowl.
( To get perfect result use chilled cream, whisk and the mixing bowl by keeping all the things in refrigerator for about two hours)

Start whipping the cream and icing sugar by using hand mixer or stand mixer with whisk attachment. 
Whip it till you get soft peaks. 
Do not over-mix it otherwise cream might curdle and turn into butter.

Next, mix the melted chocolate which should be at room temperature, into the whipped cream by cut and fold method.
Be very gentle otherwise the whipped cream will lose all the airiness. 

Divide the mousse into individual serving bowls or glasses.
Tap the glasses to set the mousse.
Keep in the refrigerator to set for about 2 hours or more.

You can serve the Mousse as it is or few of the Suggested Garnishes are:
Chocolate Shavings
Chocolate Chips
Sugar Vermicelli