Carrot Beetroot Halwa/ Carrot Halwa/ Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot Beetroot Halwa/ Carrot Halwa/ Gajar ka Halwa
Carrot Beetroot Halwa 
A faster and quicker and easier way to make this yumm dessert which is loaded with nutrients. 
*Start to finish in 30 minutes.
*Just three ingredients: Carrots Beetroots and Condensed Milk.
*Full of nutrition.
*No slogging in front of heat for hours.
*No need for endless scraping and stirring.

Let’s see how to make this..

Carrots- 1kg
Beetroot- 1 big
Condensed milk- 1 can (approximately 400 grams)
Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon 
Ghee- 1tbsp (optional)

Almonds- 8-10 Chopped
Cashews- 8-10 Chopped
Pista Sliveres- 2tbsp


Peel,trim the edges of the carrots.
Grate the carrots with the help of a grater(fine side) or you can use the food processor too.
Peel and grate beetroot too.

In a Pressure Cooker put both grated carrots and beetroot along with 1/4th cup of water.
Cook for 2 whistles. Switch off the heat.
Let the pressure subside before opening the lid.

Next, take the steamed carrots and beetroot into a heavy bottomed pan.
Cook for 3-4 minutes.

Add in Condensed milk.
Mix well. Keep the flame on low.

Keep stirring until all the moisture dries. It'll take about 10-15 mins for all the moisture to get dried up. 

Now add Ghee and cardamom powder and roast well for 4-5 mins.
Turn off the flame.

Garnish with nuts if you want.


NOTE: A very small but useful tip(got it from a halwai)-The best way to make good and dark carrot halwa lies neither in milk nor in khoya nor in sugar nor in nuts. The star of this dish is CARROT. BUY NICE THIN FRESH CARROTS. THE LESS THE CORE THE MORE SWEET AND TASTIER YOUR DISH WILL BE.