Dal Makhani is the quintessential dal in any North Indian home. Whether a get together at home or eating out in a restaurant this is the first thing which comes to mind.
But generally we avoid making it on daily basis as we make other lentils or dal. Why-because this one is laden with cream,butter and calories.

But does it bring a twinkle in your eyes and smile on your face if i say this version of mine is without any cream or butter. Just a spoon of Ghee is good enough.
All my friends and family are big fans of this dal prepared by me. And when I tell them this is without any heavy creams or butter they just devour bowls and bowls.

This version of my Dal Makhni is without any Makhan( butter) or cream.
But still very creamy and smooth as butter. This is my own tried and tested recipe and I think this is the best!!!!

There are few things which i always keep in mind while making this dal-

-Dal makhani is traditionally cooked on a low flame overnight and allowed to thicken. 
-Using a pressure cooker helps cook the dal in a jiffy. 
But you have to cook on low heat after tempering it for about an hour to bring out the creaminess and richness.
-This recipe tastes just as good or I should say even better the following day.
-The Milk has to be added in the boiled and completely cooled Dal. If you will add milk to the hot dal it may curdle.

-The whisked yogurt has to be added in the gravy mix and not directly in dal.


Whole black Urad dal-1 cup 
Rajma-1/4 th cup 
Soda bi carbonate A pinch
Salt to taste
Ghee-1 tbsp 
Onion-1 medium very finely chopped
Tomato puree- 3/4 th cup 
Yogurt/ Curd-1/2 cup (whisked)
Milk-3/4 th cup 
Red chili powder- 1 teaspoon
Coriander powder- 1/2 teaspoon
Garam masala- 3/4 teaspoon
Dal Makhni masala-2 teaspoon(I've used MDH dal makhani masala)
Hing- 2 pinches
Ginger powder- 1/2 teaspoon


Soak Dal with Rajma for 7-8 hrs or overnight.
Later drain the water and rinse them 2-3 times.

Pressure cook with salt and a pinch of soda bi carb with 4 cups of water, till the dal and rajma are totally soft.
It'll take about 10-12 whistles till both the urad dal and rajma get cooked properly.
You can check whether the doneness by mashing the dal and rajma with your fingers. If they are easily mashed n soft means they are done. Else pressure cook them again.

Keep it aside and Let the dal come to room temperature.
After that add milk.Please add the milk to the fully boiled n cooled dal.

Meanwhile lets make the tadka or tempering for the dal.
Start with Heating the ghee in a pan.
 Sauté onions till translucent.
 Add ginger powder and hing. 
Sauté for 1 more minute.
Now add tomato puree and rest of the masalas. Mix well.
Keep sautéing till the oil leaves the sides of the pan.

Add curd. Don't forget to give it a good whisk before adding to the masala mix. Mix well.
 Add curd to masalas only and not directly in the dal.
Sauté this masala for 5 minutes on low flame. 

Now add Dal(with milk).
Mix all well.

Let the dal cook on simmer on low heat for about an hour.
If the consistency is thick or dry add some water.
Stir in between otherwise lentils may stick to the bottom of the pan.

The more slow cooked the dal is the better it tastes.

Tadaaa creamy smooth dal is ready. 
Serve hot with Rice,Naan or Tandoori roti.