Peach Mojito (Non Alcoholic)

Peach Mojito
(Non Alcoholic)

There are days when you just feel so bored and in no mood to do anything. You just want to laze around with a book in your hand or slump down in front of the T.V. Trust me, I have many such days in my life ;) but while lazing around I need a simple refreshing Mocktail to sip on and keep me charged up.

One tall glass of Mocktail or Mojito, something to munch on and I am the happiest soul in this world.
According to wikipedia traditional mojito consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. But, being a teetotaler I avoided using any alcoholic drink.

I love giving twists to traditional recipes to bring in some new innovation and discover a new taste. So, this brings me to adding fruit to my Mojito.

My Mojito is a Non- Alcoholic version and the addition of fruit brings in the healthy factor too. I generally make simple syrups in a big batch and keep them in my fridge. Making Mock tails and Mojitos is like 1 2 3 done if you have a ready made simple syrup.

This Peach Mojito is simple, easy, energetic, refreshing, rejuvenating, cooling, thirst quencher and fruity. What else do you need in a recipe? It's a bliss.

How to Make Simple Syrup
For your basic simple syrup recipe, you only need two ingredients: water and sugar. The most common ratio for simple syrup is equal parts water to sugar. For a richer syrup, use more sugar. For a leaner syrup, use less.

Water- 1 cup
Granulated sugar- 1 cup
Makes approximately 1 1/2 cups simple syrup

Add water and sugar to a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring the mixture to a simmer.

Stir so that the sugar dissolves completely and remove from heat.

Let it cool down to room temperature before using.

Let us start making this super easy Mojito.

Simple Syrup- 1 cup

Lemon Juice- 1/2 cup

Peach Puree- 1 cup

Mint leaves- 10-12 (Muddled)

Water/ Soda can- 500 ml (Chilled)

Some Ice Cubes


Pour the lemon juice and the simple syrup into a serving pitcher.

Add in the Peach puree. You can muddle the Peaches with a muddler or with the back of a spoon. However, I like it in puree form.

Add muddled mint leaves.

Add cold water/soda and do the taste test.

Add more water if you would like it to be more diluted (though note that when you add ice, it will melt and naturally dilute the lemonade).

If the lemonade is a little sweet for your taste, add a little more lemon juice to it.

Serve chilled!!!


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