Paan Shots

Paan Shots

Paan, the word itself brings a whiff of freshness in your mouth. Paan is very famous as an after meal mouth freshener from South East Asia.
So, What is paan, exactly? Paan is made from Betel leaves and it is eaten with various fillings put on top. The fillings can be sweet like Gulkand or Katha, Supari or sometimes tobacco too.
The leaf is wrapped up and chilled prior to serving.

For generations Paan has been eaten as a breath freshener, Mouth sweetener, digestive and above all it is a symbol of hospitality!!! Generally Paan is eaten after heavy meals or dinners because it is said that it aids in digestion.

I love the sweet version of Paan or the Meetha Paan. But, sadly these Paan leaves are banned in Dubai, where I live. Once in a year, during Diwali they are easily available in flower shops as Paan leaves are used for religious purposes in Diwali Pooja.
This time I bought some extra leaves to make and relish these Paan shots.
I have tried these Paan shots in a Restaurant, and I just fell in love with them with my first sip. The taste was so refreshing, so flavorful.
 So, I thought of giving it a try at home. And I must say it was pure bliss!!! I insist and highly recommend you to try this at home, you will absolutely love it. Paan Shots is a refreshing, mouth freshener drink that is inspired from the meetha pan that we Indians usually consume after a heavy meal. 
It's a keepsake recipe that combines the dessert and after-meal paan into one exciting glassful! The Paan Shot is a mouth-watering combination of paan and rose gulkhand with spices, which melts in your mouth and tickles your taste buds. Every sip of this aromatic drink will send a lovely tingle down your spine. You can make this scrumptious drink either with milk, Ice cream or whipped cream.

An absolutely easy, extremely delicious drink that is packed with tons of flavour. Make this for your next party or just like that and serve to your family. I am sure they will absolutely love this. It is the best Palate Cleanser.
Serve paan shots as mouth freshener in shot glasses or small glasses after a meal.

Paan leaves/betal leaves- 4
Milk, boiled and cooled- 400 ml
Gulkand- 1.5 tablespoon
Fennel seeds- 1/2 teaspoon
Sugar- 1 tablespoon (Optional)
Ice cubes- As required
Blend all the ingredients into a very smooth puree.
Strain the mixture.
Strain and serve in small shot glasses.
Paan shots are best served chilled.
This recipe is going to fortnightly event of our facebook group Healthy Wellthy Cuisines for the theme of Instant Dishes. what can be more apt than this one which can be made from start to finish in just 5 minutes!!! 
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