Mimosa (Non Alcocholic)


(Non alcoholic)

Mimosa the name sounds so exotic and exciting.
The most simplest, easiest and quickest amazing brunch drink. Traditionally it's served as a brunch cocktail but I find it so easy and so versatile that I can have it whole day.
It's a perfect party pleaser. When you have so much to do and little time in hand you bet this comes in so handy.
Your guests will not only drool over this but they will be in awe of your culinary skills.
Traditionally Mimosa is made with half parts of Champagne and half of Juice but being a teetotaller I have made a non alcoholic version.
Since Holi is just round the corner why not give this super easy yet super drool worthy Mocktail a try.

Making Mimosa is no Rocket science. It's just adding of one part each of Juice and your preferred bubbly. You can use any juice but freshly squeezed Orange Juice tastes the best. For the bubbly part you can use either aerated drinks or can go for sparkling water or soda.

I have made it with two types of juices, Orange which was freshly squeezed and Pomegranate which I used the store bought one.
For the bubbly part I have used Sprite which is my favorite. But you can give the sugar loaded aerated drink a skip and can add either soda or sparkling water. Both will give that much needed zing to this Mimosa.


Orange Juice/ Pomegranate Juice- 1 part
Soda/ Sprite/ Sparkling water- 1 part
Few cut fruits (optional)

Combine the juice and your chosen bubbly. Just make sure both the things should be chilled.
Pour in the glasses.
Serve immediately.
You can garnish with fruits whatever is available with you.


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