Guava Panna

Guava Panna

Come summers, we all look forward to some chilled Mocktails to beat the heat.
Panna is a very simple and delicious recipe for a homemade mocktail, which can be made in large batches and can be served as and when needed. The most quintessential mocktail of almost every household during summers is Aam Panna.

I have made Aam Panna several times which is loved by my family.
I wanted to make something new and unique this time, hence this Guava Panna. And it came out super delicious. I guess now it’s going to be a staple at my home along with Aam Panna.
The sweet and tangy flavor of this drink makes it extremely refreshing and rejuvenating during the summers.
The amalgamation of ginger and fennel seeds is so beautiful and delicious and the tangy tones of lemon juice makes this guava panna a super hit. And the icing on the cake is the punch given by the chilies. It has a very good balance of all the flavors- sweet, salty, sour and spicy.
So this summer instead of buying those packs of sugary drinks from the markets make this flavorful and nutritious Panna at home.

Let us see how to make this super easy yet super delicious drink by having a look at it's ingredients.


Guavas- 3, big
Jaggery- 400 grams
Water- 2 cups or 500 ml

Ginger- 2” piece
Fennel seeds- 1 teaspoon
Green chilies- 4-5( adjust according to your taste)
Black salt- 1 teaspoon
Lemon juice- 4 tablespoon
Mint leaves- handful


We will start making this panna by washing and roughly chopping guavas.
Discard the core portion which is full of seeds.

In a pan put chopped guavas, jaggery and water together.
Keep the pan on low heat.
Let the jaggery melt and guavas cook a little bit. Stir occasionally.
This will take about 20 minutes.
After that switch off the heat and let it come to room temperature.
When the cooked guavas+ jaggery mix come to room temperature blend the mix with the help of a blender to a smooth mix.

Pass this blended mix through a sieve so that there are no seeds in our panna. Press the pulp with the back of a ladle to take out the maximum pulp.
After that take 2 tablespoons of sieved mix in the blender and add in ginger, chilies, fennel seeds, mint leaves and lemon juice.
Blend everything well. Mix it to our sieved mix.
Add in black salt and mix everything well.
Taste test and add in more salt if needed.
Guava Panna Mixture is ready.

How to serve Panna-

Mix 2 parts of Prepared Panna mix with 1 part of either cold water or soda.
Mix well.
Add in ice cubes according to your choice.
Serve cold.


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