Paan Coconut Ladoos

Paan Coconut Ladoos

I absolutely adore coconut. Anything and everything with Coconut just takes me on a culinary trip.
The nutty flavor is sooo sooo intoxicating and inviting.
I love making dishes with coconut, either the fresh one or the easily available dried one.
And this one dish, Coconut Ladoos are always there on my menu for almost all the festivals. You can either blame it on my love for coconut or the super duper simple, quick and easy recipe for making these ladoos.
This is unquestionably the simplest recipe and a breeze to make, yet the taste is so heavenly.
However, this time instead of going the traditional plain way I have added different flavorings by
to bring in the surprise yummy element!!

Believe you me, the nutty flavor of coconut is greatly enhanced and balanced by these selected awesome flavorings. And the flavors which I chose are-
Come on what are you waiting for. Choose your flavors and get set started. This is a must must try recipe because-
*Super easy and quick to make.
*Start to finish in just minutes.
*Super scrumptious.
*Make ahead dessert


Desiccated Coconut- 100 grams +1 tablespoon extra for rolling
Condensed milk-100 grams
Green food color- 2-3 drops
Gulkand- 2 tablespoon (This is easily available at Indian supermarkets or Betel shop)

Garnish with Glazed Cherries


Heat a thick bottom pan on medium heat.
Add dessicated coconut. And slow roast it for a minute on medium low heat just to warm up the coconut.
Add condensed milk to the pan.
Stir continuously and quickly mix till the whole mixture form a big lump and leaves the side of the pan.
The longer the condensed milk cooks, the harder your ladoos will be. It will take just 1-2 minutes to mix it all up and remove it from the heat.
Put the mixture into another bowl and add green food color and Indian Paan Beeda flavoring.
Mix everything well.
And let it cool for about 5-7 minutes.

To assemble the ladoos, divide the fudge mixture in lemon sized balls.
This mixture will give you approximately 6 ladoos.
Divide the Gulkand mixture also in 6 portions and make small balls of each portion.
Next take a heaped tbsp of the fudge mix in your clean hands.
Shape it into a round and press in the middle to make a hollow.
Stuff the Gulkand ball in this hollow. Bring the edges together and seal it.
Roll the fudge in the extra desiccated coconut and repeat the procedure for the rest of the mix.
Garnish with glazed cherries.

Your Paan flavored Coconut ladoos are ready.


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