Lacha Rabdi/ Lacha Khurchan Rabdi/ Rabdi

Lacha Rabdi/ Lacha Khurchan Rabdi/ Rabdi

“Hum Panchi Unmukt Gagan ke,
Pinjarbadh na Gaa paayenge”
This couplet is from the very famous Hindi poem “Hum Panchi Unmukt Gagan Ke” by Shri ShivMangal Singh Suman.
The translation to the above couplet is- We the birds of free sky will not be able to sing in a cage.
These lines very rightly depict the meaning of Independence or Freedom.
Independence or Freedom, a very small word but has a very big significance attached to it. Whether it’s a country’s Independence or a person’s Independence, both are important for Self reliance, for making Choices & Decisions, for living a Happy Life.

Independence should be valued and it should be a matter of Pride. Being independent gives you strength and courage. It gives voice to your words, thoughts and ideas. And this is what we all need to bloom in our Life.
For me the word Freedom or Independence means being ME, when my thoughts are free from any expectations and judgements. When I choose the way I want to exist in this World. When I decide to handle my duties and responsibilities in my way. This is real freedom for me. And when your thoughts are like a free bird, the sky is the limit for your creativity.
I am thankful to God that I was born in a free country where I can exercise my rights at my own will. I am grateful to God for giving me loving Parents and a family who never ever questions my way. In fact, they all have supported me throughout my life in taking my decisions independently.

Today, India is celebrating her 72nd Independence Day, I as an Indian feeling proud of this achievement.

Apart from Independence day, today’s day has two more significant reasons of happiness for me:
1. I entered into the Blogging World on this very day. And today is my 3rd Blog Anniversary.
2. It’s my brothers birthday today. I adore my kiddo brothers, so their birthday have always been a special day for me.

It’s a HAPPY HAPPY DAY for me!!!

To show my love and gratitude to my country, here are my humble efforts to bring in the beautiful colors of the Indian Tricolor in my Doodle.

I have always believed in one thing, when you are looking for some answers, just ask the question from your inner self, close your eyes and the very first thing which comes to your mind is your answer. Believe me, it has always worked with me. And whenever I try to go the other way, I just waste my time and energy.
So, while thinking about what to make for this special ‘Triple Happy Day’, this Lacha Rabdi popped in my heart and mind.
Though, I was bit hesitant and skeptical in making it because it’s a very laborious and time consuming process. But, I gave in to my first instinct and made it. And after having a spoon I was just transported to another heavenly world. Thank God I listened to my instincts. The awesome taste literally took me to my childhood memories. When we were kids,my father used to bring Lacha Rabdi from the famous by-lanes of Chandni Chowk sweets shop. The chunky yet smooth texture of this divine sweet always used to entice me.
Making Rabdi is time consuming and laborious but if you plan it in a systematic way you will enjoy making it just the way I enjoyed myself. While making this Rabdi in the kitchen I finished making dinner side by side. And also watched a movie online (though with many breaks). Where there’s a will there’s a way!!
Cooking this sweet is all about PATIENCE!!!!
Rabdi is a classic and traditional Indian dessert, specially popular in North India. Basically it’s made by thickening the Milk by boiling it till it becomes almost 1/4th of the original quantity. The cream layer which forms on the milk is gathered on the sides to make thick Lachas.
There are few instant methods to thicken the milk faster, but they taste a lot different then this authentic lacha rabdi. It can be made in many ways, Instant or with fruit flavors. For making it in a quicker way sometimes bread or cottage cheese/paneer is used. But today I have make it in authentic traditional way. This is Lacha khurchan Rabdi.
Though it is prepared with very few ingredients but it takes a bit of time to make it.
To give it the colors of Indian Tricolor Flag-
-I have used Saffron for Orange.
-Finely chopped Cashews for White.
-Finely chopped Pistas for Green. 
The recipe is very simple and the ingredients are very few. Only thing you need to remember few things to get the perfect layers aka Lacha in the Rabdi.
-The wok/pan you are going to use for Rabdi making should be a heavy bottomed one and preferably a deep and wide one.
-At any time don’t leave the Rabdi unattended.
-The milk has to be reduced on a very low flame.
-The cream layer formed on top has to be carefully pushed aside of the pan.

Let’s see how to make this yummy recipe.

Milk- 2 liters, Full fat
Sugar- 1/4th cup
Green Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon
Rose water- 1 teaspoon

To Garnish-
Saffron/kesar, few strands
Cashews 10, chopped
Pistachios 10, chopped

Let’s start making the delicious Rabdi.
Put the milk in the pan.
Heat the milk till it comes to a boil.
Keep stirring the milk at regular intervals so that milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
While stirring make sure the ladle goes down till the bottom of the pan.
When the milk comes to a boil turn the flame to the medium and keep stirring the milk till it becomes little bit thick.
Keep on stirring and thicken the milk till it reaches to almost 3/4th of its quantity.
You will see the consistency of milk will change by now. It will become dense and creamier.
Now start gathering the cream layer which sets as top layer on the boiling milk on the sides of the pan.
Keep the flame on low.
Now you have to repeat this process again and again. I have named this as Loop Process;)
So, the Loop Process is something like this-You have to keep collecting the creamy layer or malai formed on the milk, on the top sides of the pan. Stir the milk till the bottom of the pan. Do not keep on stirring otherwise cream layer will not form. And wait for the next layer formation.
We have to keep this Loop going till there’s very less milk left in the pan.
This will take time. I have made with two liters of milk and it took almost 3 hours for making Rabdi.
When there’s very less milk remains, say about 300-350 ml add cardamom powder and sugar. Mix it with the remaining dense milk in the pan.
Cook till the sugar dissolves completely.
It’s almost done now. The cream gathered on the sides of the pan forms a Lacha or you can say Chunks of dried milk.
Switch off the flame. Let the Rabdi cool down a bit.
After 4-5 minuets, scrap the gathered cream lacha and mix in the remaining thick milk.
Mix in Rose water, Lachas well in the thick creamy dense milk.
Rabdi is now ready.
You can garnish with chopped cashews, almonds and pistachios. You can also garnish with saffron dissolved in a tablespoon of warm milk.
Serve the scrumptious and delicious Lacha Rabdi the way you like.
I like the traditional dishes to be served in earthenwares, so took out my ‘Mitti ki Pyaaliyan’ (Earthen pots) and served Rabdi in them.
It’s looking damn delicious and beautiful!!! Isn’t it?

Time for some food porn guys ;)
Enjoy the yummy treat!!


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