Kalakand Parcels

Kalakand Parcels

When Life give you Lemons make Lemonade and Be Happy.
When your Milk turns sour make Cottage Cheese out of it and Be Happy :)
This is my Mantra of Life. Whatever God has given us, we are destined for it. And whatever we don't have, we should never ever sulk for it. Be Happy in each and every situation.

Uffff!!!! Me and my philosophical talks ;)
The crux of all these talks is that I forgot to keep the milk in the fridge and the hot weather did it's magic. The very first thing which came to my mind after seeing that sour milk is to make my favorite Cottage Cheese. I obliged to my thoughts and made it.
While making Cottage Cheese aka Paneer, vivid images of kalakand started floating in front of my eyes. If you know me, you must be aware that I am fond of sweets. And I gave into my temptations, and made one of my favorite sweet, Kalakand. But I wanted to give it a makeover so I just wrapped it in Spring Roll Pastry sheets and Voila a new dish is here. I have baked these stuffed sheets and drizzled some chocolate sauce over the parcels. Baking will give kalakand a slight Caramelized flavor which will make it more flavorful and delicious. The warm kalakand wrapped in crusty pastry sheets with the oomph of chocolate sauce- HEAVEN AND PURE BLISS!!!!!! 
I must say this is one of the yummiest, gorgeous, scrumptious, lip smacking dessert I have ever eaten.
 Just one innovation can completely change the outcome of a dish, and this recipe is the perfect example of that.
I have used Spring Roll Pastry Sheets which are easily available in the frozen section of Supermarkets. Just thaw them before using according to the instructions given on the package.
You can see more pics of Kalakand and step by step Recipe of making Kalakand by clicking here and here.


Full cream sweetened Condensed Milk- 1 can (392 gms)
Cottage Cheese or Paneer- 2 cups tightly packed crumbled
Saffron- 8-10 strands of Saffron dissolved in 2 tablespoons of warm Milk
Rose Water- 1 teaspoon
Cardamom Powder- 3/4 th teaspoon
Nuts for Garnishing- 10-12 each pista cashews and almonds cut into slivers.
Spring Roll Pastry Sheets- 17 sheets
Chocolate sauce- to drizzle (optional)
Dried Rose Petals and Pista slivers- to garnish

For making these parcels, we will start by making Kalakand first.

I prefer using home made paneer to make kalakand.
However, if you are using store bought paneer, make sure it should be fresh and without any salt.

In a pan put the crumbled paneer along with the condensed milk and put on low heat.
Keep stirring and mixing it. Otherwise it'll stick to the bottom of the pan.
Keep stirring for 5-6 minutes, until paneer and condensed milk are well blended.
Add cardamom seeds, rose water and saffron.
Mix well.
Cook for another 2-3 minutes while stirring.
Cook on a low flame.
Stir constantly to prevent burning.
After a short while, the mix will become a thick mass and will begin to leave the sides of the pan.
Switch off the flame.
Kalakand is ready.
Let the kalakand cool down to room temperature.
Divide the kalakand mixture into 17 equal parts.

Take a pastry sheet. Put a portion of Kalakand at one end of the sheet.
Roll it once. Fold the sides and roll it nicely and tightly.
Seal the edges with water.
In the meantime preheat the oven at 180*C.

Place all the prepared kalakand parcels on a baking tray.
Place the tray on the middle rack and bake the parcels at 180*C for 15-20 minutes or till they get nice golden brown color.

Drizzle some Chocolate Sauce over warm Kalakand Parcels and garnish with Pista slivers and dried rose petals.

Enjoy the yummm treat!!!!!


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