Yaaaaayyyy!!!!! My blog’s 1 month anniversary.

Celebrations n sweets go hand in hand.

I was thinking what to make for this special occasion and then thought of dedicating this first month’s celebratory post to those who have always inspired me, encouraged me n loved me unconditionally.

My Parents, Hubby darling, my Friends and last but not the least my SON.

Thought of making KHEER/ RICE PUDDING.

Why KHEER????

Because I think my Mom makes the best Kheer in this world. My Son is fond of sweets but this particular dish he always looks forward to. My hubby who doesn’t have a sweet tooth otherwise digs into this dish. And my friends who always love whatever I make for them, but for this particular dish I’ve always got appreciation and praises.

Passing on to you all my Mom’s rec(with a little bit of add ons)



2 litre full fat Milk

3/4 cup basmati rice

1tsp Ghee

2 cups sugar (or as required)

½ tsp  Cardamom(elaichi) powder

½ tsp Fennel(saunff) powder

Few strand of Saffron/kesar(dissolved in 2tbsp warm milk)

15-20 Almonds slivered(you can blanch them and slice them too)

12-15 Cashews slivered

12-15 Pistachios slivered

2 tbsp Rose water

2 tbsp Dried Rose Petals( for garnishing)



Rinse the rice till the water runs clears of the starch.

Soak the rice in enough water for 15-20 mins.

Meanwhile Heat milk in a heavy bottomed pan and let it come to a boil( not rolling boil). Reduce to flame to the lowest.


Drain the rice.

In a separate heavy bottomed or non stick pan sauté rice with ghee for 3-4 mins. (This tip I’ve learnt from Masterchef). And trust me it gives your Kheer a very distinct flavor.


Reduce the flame of the milk and add the sautéed rice.

Stir the milk and let the rice grains cook.

Keep Scraping the sides of the pan and add this dried milk into the pan.

It’ll take about 35-40 mins of the cooking the rice in the milk on a low flame.

By this time consistency will also be thickened.


After about 35-40 mins add Sugar.

After adding sugar it is important to keep stirring continuously otherwise sugar will caramelize n can get burnt and stick to the bottom of the pan.

It’ll take about 15-20 mins more for the sugar to get completely incorporated.

And the Kheer will be thickened now.


Add Cardamom powder, Fennel powder, all Nuts, Rose water and saffron.


Switch off the flame.

Garnish with dried Rose petals.

You can serve the Rice Kheer hot, warm or chilled.



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