Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.
It is also known as Vijayadashmi (‘Vijay’ meaning ‘victory’ and ‘Dashmi meaning ‘tenth day), as it is believed that it was on this day that Lord Rama killed the demon-king, Ravana and rescued his abducted wife – Sita. In other words, it signifies the triumph of good over evil.
In the northern parts of India, huge effigies of Raavana, his giant brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnath are placed in vast open grounds. Fireworks and crackers are placed inside the effigies. And the effigies are burnt to signify the victory of good over evil.
On this auspicious occasion of Dussehra kheer is made at our place.
But today I wanted to make something different.
So made Shahi Toast with a twist.
Instead of topping the toast with the usual Rabdi I just blended some kheer in the blender n voila topping is ready.
Just to go with the mood decorated the toasts in RAAVAN HEADS STYLE.
Shahi Toast or Shahi Tukda as the name suggests is a rich,royal,calorie laden bread pudding. Its easy to make n yet high on taste. 
Bread slices- 10
Sugar syrup
Oil/Ghee for frying
For the topping: Traditionally the Shahi toast is topped with rich cream or rabdi. But to bring in my twist I just blended some of the kheer in blender n topped the pieces with the thick kheer.
In the process I discovered that blended kheer tastes like Firni.
 Cut the edges of the bread slices.
Cut them in desired shape.
(I’ve cut them in circular shape with the help of a cookie cutter to make the Raavan heads) 
Heat the ghee on a medium flame.
Deep fry the pieces of bread in it till they are crisp and golden.
Drain on paper towels. 
Put them in warm sugar syrup.
Let the fried pieces soak syrup for 15-20 seconds. 
Take them out from the syrup.
Arrange the pieces on the serving platter.
Top the pieces with Rabdi.
Click For Rabdi Recipe
I’ve topped them with blended thick Kheer
To make eyes I’ve used choco chips n for mouth cherries.
Enjoy the yummy treat!!!!! 


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