“A thing of beauty is joy forever” Looking at these beautiful cookies I just remember this famous quote.
When I started making them I was not planning to make them so colorful and vibrant. But as soon as I made the dough suddenly the idea of making plain boring cookies into RAINBOW COOKIES came to my my mind.
This is a very easy basic recipe to make cookies. I always follow this recipe of mine to make cookies. Just one or two ingredients here n there n you get a completely new taste and new flavor.
For me making these cookies was like revisiting my childhood days, when I used to play with play dough.
I thoroughly enjoyed making these cookies, and I hope you’ll also like them. 
🔺1.5 cups whole wheat flour/Atta
🔺1.5 cups All purpose flour/Maida
🔺4 tbsp butter chilled cold unsalted
🔺4 tbsp Oil
🔺1 tsp baking powder
🔺2tbsp curd/yogurt
🔺3 cups of powdered sugar
🔺2Tbsp Lemon Essence
🔺Food colors
I’ve used six colors- 1 tsp each
Purple( mixed red n blue)
I’ve used liquid food color. You can use gel ones also.
In a mixing bowl, with the help of a spoon or spatula mix together whole wheat flour, All purpose flour and baking powder.
Add chilled butter. cut the butter into cubes and then add. Add oil also. 
With your fingertips break the butter and mix with the flour. You can do it with food processor or a stand mixer but I prefer doing with hand to feel the texture.
Mix till you get a bread crumb like texture in the mixture. 
 Add powdered sugar.Mix well with a spoon or spatula.
Add Yogurt.
Lightly mix the entire mixture together to a dough.
Don’t knead. 
 Keep this dough in fridge for half an hour.Chill the dough.
After half an hour remove the cookie dough and divide into six equal portions.
Add the desired color to the divided dough balls. And keep the coloured doughs in fridge again.
After half an hour remove the cookie dough and spread some flour on the work surface as well as on the dough. 
With a rolling pin, roll the dough gently. Roll the dough to a thickness of 0.50 to 0.75 cms.
With the help of cookie cutters, cut the dough into cookies.
You can make different designs with the colored doughs.
As shown in the pics. 
 Gather the remaining dough and again roll. Cut with the cookie cutters and repeat the process.
Then place the cookies in a baking tray n keep this tray in fridge for half an hour. This step will make your cookies more crispier.
In the meanwhile preheat your oven at 180*C for 15 mins.
After half an hour take out the baking tray from fridge n bake your cookies in a preheated oven at 180*C for 15-20 mins. Keep an eye after 15 mins.If you see the edges are getting brown remove the tray from the oven. Otherwise bake more.
Once baked, immediately remove them when still hot and place them on a wired tray or rack. Let the cookies cool down.
Once they cool down at room temperature, place them immediately in an air tight jar or box. 


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