Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Come summers and the most quintessential mock tail of almost every household is Aam Panna.
Aam panna is a refreshing summer Indian drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties. The sweet and tangy flavor of this drink makes it extremely refreshing and rejuvenating during the summers.
This not only helps in quenching thirst but also prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during summer due to excessive sweating. The health benefits which comes along with this simple and age old mock tail are many. To name few, it helps in battling heat stroke, energy booster, counters anemia and improves digestion etc.

Aam panna, which is prepared using raw mangoes, sugar/ jaggery and an assortment of spices is a desi age old Indian summer drink which is part of every household during summers. There are many ways to make it. Some people boil the raw mangoes and then use the pulp while some prefer to roast the raw mangoes and then use the pulp. Whichever way you go it will come out as the most flavorful drink.

Let us see how to make this super easy yet super delicious drink by having a look at it's ingredients.


Raw green Mangoes-1 kg( 1 kg raw mangoes will yield around 700 ml of pulp)
Sugar- 7tbsp (you can adjust according to your taste)
Rock salt- According to your taste
Black pepper (crushed)- ½ tsp
Roasted cumin powder-1 tsp
Ginger- 2" pc
Mint leaves- 10-12


Wash n rinse the raw mangoes in water properly.
Pressure cook the raw mangoes in enough water for 3-4 whistles till they become soft.
After cooking the raw mangoes, the peel comes off easily. Scrape and remove the cooked mango pulp.
Collect the cooked mango pulp in a bowl.
In a pan cook pulp and sugar together with 1 cup water.
Give it a boil. Cool it for sometime.
Pass this mix through a sieve.
Take few tbsp of pulp and blend the mint leaves, cumin powder, black pepper, rock salt, ginger to make a smooth paste.
Add this paste to the sieved pulp. Mix well.
Your aam panna is ready.
Store aam ka panna in a bottle or jar in the fridge.
For making the aam panna mock tail mix 1 part panna with 1 part chilled water.
Add ice cubes and serve aam ka panna cold.


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