Today India is celebrating its 69th Independence Day.

It is a day of great significance for all Indians.

Flag hoisting ceremonies & cultural shows take place in government & non-government institutions throughout the country.

15th Aug has more significance to my family & I as my twin brothers came into this world this very day. From there on, our joys, festivities & celebrations have increased exponentially compared to before their birth.

Both my brothers are fond of food cooked by me.Though we are miles apart but I still wanted to make something special on their special day.

I hope you all will like it.



I always rely on this rabdi rec. of mine. Skipping the traditional laborious method, I generally prefer making rabdi this quick way. But still, in terms of taste it’s always a hit. To dedicate this rabdi to this special day, I just added some fruits and believe me, to my surprise the addition of fruits to the rabdi takes it to another level of heavenliness.

I prefer making Paneer at home. But you can use unsalted store bought paneer as well.

For making it Tricolor instead of using artificial colors I opted for the natural way n used Saffron, mango puree for orange color n Khus sharbat for green color. But you can use food colors too.


🔺Full fat Milk-1 ltr & 2 cups

🔺Vinegar- 2Tbsp

🔺Condensed Milk- 1cup

🔺Cardamom Powder- ½ tsp

🔺Fennel(Saunff)powder- ½ tsp

🔺Rose Water- 1 tsp

🔺Pistachios- sliced 1 tsp

🔺Almonds- blanced, peeled n sliced 1 tsp

🔺For Orange Color: Few strands of Saffron(Kesar) dissolved in 1tbsp warm Milk.     

🔺 Mango Purée- 3 tbsp

🔺For Green Color: Khus Sharbat- 3 tbsp


We will start by making paneer.

For this add 1ltr milk in a pan n start boiling.


When it comes to a boil, switch off the gas.

Add vinegar to it. Milk will start curdling.



Strain this curdled mix through a fine sieve or muslin cloth.Whey will be separated from paneer.Wash thoroughly with fresh water to remove the sourness. Drain the water by squeezing the cheesecloth. Knot the muslin cloth and hang it  to get rid for any excess whey/liquid. Alternately you can remove excess whey by pressing gently with the back of the ladle if using a sieve.Leave it for 20-30 mins.



After that remove the paneer.The paneer you get will be crumbly and slightly dry and yet a little moist.Rub this paneer with your fingers to break all the lumps.



 Now, in a pan add 2 cups of milk n this paneer.Keep the flame on low. Keep stirring.In 10-15 mins. Milk n paneer will incorporate into each other as paneer will absorb milk n you will see a thickened mix.


Now add condensed milk. Keep cooking n stirring for another 10-15 mins.

After that you will see the mix is well incorporated n thickened.Add Cardamom powder, Saunff powder n Rose water. Mix well.


Switch off the flame.Let it cool down to room temperature. It’ll thicken more.Now, divide this Rabdi into three equal parts.To one part add Saffron mix n Mango puree.

To the second part add Khus sharbat n sliced pistas.

To the third part add blanched, peeled n sliced almonds.



Your yummy Rabdi is ready.You can decorate it with fruits of your choice.Enjoy!!



You can serve the Rabdi without fruits also OR can add some chopped nuts of your choice.




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