Today I am sharing one of the most heavenly dishes “Mango Sheera/Mango Kesari/ Mango Sooji Halwa”.
Ahaaa!!!!! Halwa and that too with Mangoes is like Sone pe Suhaga.
I have a sweet tooth or rather I should say I’ve very very sweet teeth😬😁I never ever miss a chance to make or gorge on sweets.
For today’s Ashtami Bhog Prashad rather than making the usual Sooji Halwa thought of making something different and suddenly a freshly bought can of Mango pulp caught my eyes.
But I have never tried making halwa with mangoes so thought of giving it a try and to my surprise the halwa came out super awesome.
This mango halwa recipe is just exactly the way we make halwa, the only addition is of mango pulp. 
Adding mango pulp to the sooji halwa took it to another level of yumminess. Its nothing but rava/semolina halwa with addition of mango flavor, which gives a nice, aromatic fruity flavor to halwa.
I think now this quick easy and delicious Mango halwa will be a regular in my kitchen. May be next time I’ll try it out with fresh mango pulp.
Semolina(Sooji)- 2 cups
Wheat flour(Atta)- 1/2cup
Gram flour(Besan)- 1/2 cup
Ghee- 2 cups
Sugar-1.5-2 cups (You can use it according to your taste)
Mango Pulp- 3cups (I’ve used the canned variety)
Water- 3 cups
Milk- 6 cups
Few Saffron strands
Green Cardamom – 4-5 (Only Seeds,Crushed)
Chopped mixed nuts( Almonds, Cashews n Pistas)- 3 tbsp
Take Ghee in a heavy bottomed Pan or Kadhai.
Add Sooji,atta and besan to it. 
Roast the mix on low flame. Keep stirring.
Keep on stirring till the flour gets a golden brown color and nice aroma of roasted flour. It’ll take about half an hour to reach to this stage for 3 cups of flour. 
In the meanwhile boil together Milk and Water. And add Saffron to it. 
Add 2 tbsps of chopped nuts to this roasted mix.
Next add crushed cardamom.
Roast it for 2-3 mins. All the nuts will be roasted. 
Gently pour milk and water mix into the flour mix. Keep stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed.
All the liquid will be absorbed by flours in about ten mins.
When the mix is semi thick add sugar and Mango Pulp to it. Keep stirring till all the sugar dissolves and moisture dries. 
The halwa will absorb all the remaining moisture and sugar will start caramelizing. It’ll give halwa a nice color.
Keep on stirring for about 10-15 mins on low flame.
Switch off the flame when you see the halwa has become glossy and shiny. The Ghee starts to release from the halwa bringing it a sheen. 
Garnish it with chopped nuts.
Serve it hot.


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