Very Berry Smoothie Bowls

Very Berry Smoothie Bowls

There are days when you just think of food. And there are days when you just sulk thinking why you ate all that food ;)
This is the story of my life. Eat and eat and then sulk and sulk.
But no regrets. I enjoy the eating more than the sulking.
But when I m in sulking mode my food is super healthy and nutritious. I become a very good girl at that time, and follow my Dietician's advice to the T.
This Smoothie bowl is one such example.
My Smoothie Day diet was of obviously Smoothies which mainly consists of fruits blended with dairy.
But the side effects of being in the blogging world, the simple Smoothie got a makeover to go behind the lens.
The outcome looked so brilliant that I just couldn't stop myself from sharing with you all.

Although we all know how to make smoothies. It's not rocket science to make them. But still I am sharing my way of making it the way I love it.


Raspberries- 1 cup
Blueberries- 1 cup
Strawberries- 8-10
Bananas- 2
Milk- 1 cup

For Toppings:
Chia seeds
Pecan nuts

Thoroughly wash all the berries.
Chop the bananas.
Freeze the berries along with the bananas for minimum 2-3 hours or preferably overnight.
Next, blend the frozen fruits with the milk and your yumm smoothie is ready.
You must have noticed that I have not added any sugar in it. I like my smoothies that way without any added sugar.
However, if you want you can add sugar or honey according to your taste.

Top it up with your choice of fruits and nuts as toppings and devour the scrumptious, nutritious and healthy bowl.
There's no rule for the toppings. I have listed what I have used in my bowls.
You can top them up with any fruits and nuts available with you.

Stay healthy Stay happy!!!


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