Kesariya Delight or Saffron Delight

Kesariya Delight or Saffron Delight
People generally think Non Alcoholic Mocktails are boring. My answer is NO. Just blend in the right flavors in the right proportions, and you will have a superb Mocktail every time.
Whether it's for your guests or yourself, it's always a good idea to add a fun and refreshing mocktail into your menu.
Surprise your family and friends by making this very Royal and Uber looking Mocktail which is super easy and quick to make but is high on flavors!! 
I must admit that before making this, I was not sure how the outcome will be. I tried different permutations and combinations to bring out the exact flavors what I wanted. Don’t ask me in doing all the taste tests how much sprite I have gulped down ;) But the final outcome was worth of it.
Such a Royal and smooth refreshing taste!! Just one sip took me to heaven.
A must make Mocktail if you are short on time but don’t want to compromise on the regality of kings!
Be exact with the measurements while making this Mocktail. Saffron extract has a very powerful taste so be specific with the measurements.
This recipe was specially created by me for my collaboration with the very reputed and famous FAB FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCES P. LTD. Hats to the Fab Team for bringing 250+ bakers and bloggers together and creating such a beautiful and lovely COLLAB MAGAZINE.  Looking at your name amongst the best of best bakers and bloggers is such a wonderful feeling!! 
Friends do visit the above link to check the amazing work by my fellow blogger and baker friends. 

FAB SAFFRON EXTRACT- 2.5 milliliter
Rose Water- 5 milliliter
Sprite- 200 milliliter
Ice, crushed


In a tall glass put some crushed ice.
Top it with Saffron extract.
Next, add Rose water.
Let this mix stand for 1-2 minutes so that flavors get mixed.
No need to stir it.
After that add in chilled Sprite. Add some more ice.
Serve immediately or else it will lose its fizz.
Enjoy the royal treat!!


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