Ice Cream Delight

Ice Cream Delight

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for ICE CREAM!!!!

Boring hot summers switch your lazy and no-cooking mode on, don't they?

We all need something cool to cool down our minds and souls, and what could be better than yummilicious Ice Cream.
I have turned it into individual shots for better serving. The bottom layer is of crushed corn flakes with some almonds. Then there is the heavenly ice cream topped with some fresh fruits and nuts. What a delightful combo.
You can serve this for your house parties too. Assemble the base layer either in small shot glasses or jars and you can keep the ice cream flavors and toppings separately. Let the guests choose their favorite flavor and toppings. Similarly you can use homemade Ice Cream or store bought Ice Cream. I have used store bought (from Baskin Robbins).
This is a perfect party pleaser dessert or an absolutely gorgeous yet easy to carry dessert to your pot meal parties.
Look at those divine shots, aren't they screaming just to be devoured and relished?
Be it brunch, lunch or dinner time, I can bet on one thing- you serve them anytime, anywhere and they will be the first ones finished!

For base layer-
Corn flakes- 2 cups
Almonds- 1/2 cup
Cream- 2 tablespoon

Ice Cream- 6-7 scoops (You can choose flavors of your choice)
(I’ve used Mango Tango and Berries Delight flavors)

For toppings-
Chopped fruits-Strawberries, Mangoes and Blueberries
Chopped nuts- Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios


We will start by making the base layer first.
For that grind Almonds to fine consistency.
Add in Corn flakes and grind them along with grounded almonds. But keep corn flakes to coarse texture. We don’t want to powder corn flakes.
Add in cream and pulse the mixture.
Divide the mixture into the serving jars/glasses.
Press them gently.

Keep them in fridge for sometime.
Meanwhile, chop the fruits and nuts.

Take out jars from the fridge.
Put Ice Cream scoops.
Garnish them with chopped fruits and nuts.

Serve immediately.
Enjoy the cool treat!!


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