Soda Cream

Soda Cream
If you are a kid from 90’s you will instantly relate with this yummy Mocktail.
What is your fondest memory from your childhood days. Mine is this, Soda Cream ;)
Uffff!! How much we used to relish this Mocktail during parties and functions. I remember how all us kids used to make a beeline to that one counter again and again, serving this delicacy, to the server’s annoyance.
Back in those days, aerated drinks (or commonly called as Campa) and ice creams used to be a big luxury. We used to get these only if it’s someone’s birthday or it’s a function. And we kids used to enjoy it thoroughly. We often used to skip the food so that we can have one more glass.
Ahhh!! those carefree days.
I have sort of relived my childhood by making this delicious Soda Cream, although it used to be simpler than what I have prepared today. Back in those days they used to fill a glass with aerated drink and then top it up with ice cream. You had to swirl your straw to mix ice cream with cola to get that creamy cola taste.

I have given it a twist to make it look more beautiful and lovely. I have added a fruity crush layer at the bottom, followed by soda, milk cream mix and ice cream.
Ahhh!! Look at those layers of fruit crush and milk mix melting into each other. And that yummy ice cream to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. What can be more beautiful than this?


Strawberries- 6
Raspberries- 12
Rose Syrup- 1/2 cup

Milk- 200 milliliter
Cream- 250 milliliter

Soda- 1 can,
Ice Cream or Whipped Cream- for Topping, more the merrier;)
Few Strawberries and Raspberries to garnish
Few Ice cubes


Hull and wash Strawberries.
Thoroughly wash Raspberries too.
Blend together Strawberries, Raspberries and Rose Syrup.
Alternatively, you can use any fruit crush or fruit syrup too.

Whisk gently Milk and Cream.
Alternatively, you can use half & half too.

To make Homemade Cream Sodas, first add 3-4 ice cubes to each of your glasses.

Visually divide your glass in approximately 4 parts. Fruit Syrup, Soda, Milk+Cream mix and Ice Cream/ whipped Cream for Topping.

Pour 1 part fruity syrup over the ice cubes followed by 1 part soda.

Gently pour 1 part of the milk mix.

Top it with Ice Cream or Whipped Cream.

Garnish with Strawberry or Raspberry.

Stick a colorful straw in it and go wow your kids.



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