Pina Colad Phirni

Pina Colada Phirni

Are you nuts for coconuts ;)
If yes, give me a high five!!!
I love anything and everything with Coconut!!
Recently for my Blog hop group, the theme which all of us blogger group members decided for the blog post was ‘Coconut’ & I had a huge grin on my face the moment the theme was announced:)

My head was bursting with innovative ideas. And hence this Fusion Dessert- Pina Colada Phirni!!
Pina Colada is a very yummy mock tail which has significant presence of Coconut in it. And when you bring in the flavors of a delectable mock tail to an equally scrumptious Indian dessert Phirni, the result is a party for your taste palate.
I took this Phirni to a friend’s meetup and they all devoured it like anything. I got so many compliments that my heart was full of joy and happiness!!!

The Pina Colada is a blended or iced cocktail originating from Puerto Rico. It's usually made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. But for the virgin recipe, just skip the rum. This drink is so refreshing and rich-tasting.

Phirni is a deliciously and fantastically rich, creamy, silky smooth milk and rice pudding that is a popular festive dish in India.
Its a creamy dessert made with ground rice combined with milk and sugar. The key to a good phirni is to grind the rice well. To bring in twist to this scrumptious dessert you can add different flavors. Check few other Popular Phirni Recipes shared by me earlier-
I have made it with Coconut milk to adapt it to my theme, but you can make it with regular full fat milk too.
USE CANNED PINEAPPLE ONLY. The fresh pineapple might be tart in taste. Milk might curdle due to the high acid content of pineapple. So better to use the canned one. Just make sure to drain the pineapple well before using them. So that they are free of sugar solution.

You too can try this sumptuous Phirni Recipe to create magic in your kitchen and enjoy a delectable dessert at home.
What’s best is it’s not too difficult to make!


Coconut Milk - 1.5 liters
Rice - 1/2 cup (basmati or regular rice)(washed, rinsed and soaked in 1/4th cup of water)
Condensed milk - 600 ml
Sugar- 4 tablespoon (Adjust according to taste)
Pineapple Purée- 1 cup (CANNED PINEAPPLE)
Pineapple essence- 2 teaspoon

For Garnishing:
Pistachio Slivers
Pineapple chunks
Maraschino Cherries


Start by soaking rice for 30 minutes. Drain the water completely and grind it to a coarse paste.
Dilute the paste with 1/4 cup of water and keep it ready.

Boil the milk .
Once the milk starts boiling, reduce the flame to low and add the ground rice paste.

Cook stirring continuously on low or medium flame until the milk thickens like a porridge and rice paste is fully cooked.
Keep on scraping the dried milk which gets collected on the sides of the pan.
It will take around 30-35 minutes for rice paste to get completely cooked.

Next add rest of the ingredients except the ingredients mentioned for garnishing and cook for 7-8 minutes until everything gets blended well.
Switch off the flame. Allow it to cool.

You can refrigerate it for 3-4 hours or untill well chilled.

Remove from the refrigerator and garnish with pineapple chunks, Pista and cherries.
Serve chilled.

This recipe is going to my FB Blog hop group Healthy WELLthy Cuisines  where the theme is 'Coconut Time at HW'. Some other recipes with Coconut shared by my fellow blogger friends are-


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