Mulberry Cooler/ Shahtoot ka Sharbat

Mulberry Cooler
Mulberry, the word brings my entire childhood in front of my eyes. We all friends used to go to a nearby park with packets or baskets to pick Mulberries. We used to do this almost every evening during mulberry season. Ohhhh man!!! It used to be so much fun.
Now, far away from my home land I miss those moments.
Recently at a friends place when we were talking about our good old Delhi days, mulberries or shahtoot (hindi name for mulberries) popped up in between of our chit chats. I was telling them how much I love Mulberries and how much I miss them in Dubai. Because in Dubai I have never seen them in my 15 years of stay.
My joy knew no bounds when my dear hubby on his recent visit to Iran brought Mulberries for me. I was like a small kid in Candy land ;)
The only difference is that the mulberries we used to eat in Delhi were not that juicy as these are. I have never eaten such delicious and juicy and flavorful mulberries. They were just divine.
And when you have a bagful of them in the fridge., you must try out some innovative recipes too. Isn’t it?
Hahaha, the real reason behind my innovation is the nature of this fruit. This fruit is very perishable, so I had to finish it fast before it makes it way to the bin.

The best way to keep your body hydrated in this scorching heat is by sipping on some refreshing drinks. And there’s nothing better than to have them loaded with seasonal fresh fruits. I often make Mocktails which are fruit based. They are not only healthy and refreshing but also far far better than having artificial colas to quench your thirst.

To make this Mulberry cooler, I have simply muddled them with maple syrup and few mint leaves. I thought instead of blending them or cooking them, it would be best to muddle them. Muddle them well so as to collect maximum juice. Serve chilled!! It’s so refreshing!!
As these mulberries were very sour or tart in taste, there was no need to add lime juice. However, you can add lemon/lime juice according to the tartness of mulberries. I have used maple syrup as sweetener, you can use honey, artificial sweetener or sugar.

The sweet or tart flavor makes these berries ideal for sherbets, jams, jellies, fruit tarts, pies, teas and cordials

Mulberries are very beneficial for health-
-filled with nutrients that are important for our body, including iron, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium.
-Aid in Digestion.

-Regulate Blood Pressure.

-Improve Vision.

-Anti Inflammatory.

-Boosts Immunity.

-Prevents Premature Aging.

So, here’s my very simple and very quick to make recipe- Mulberry Cooler.


Mulberries- 1 cup
Maple Syrup/ honey- 1/2 cup (adjust to your requirement)
Rock Salt- 1/4th teaspoon
Mint Leaves- handful
Water/ Soda/ Sparkling Water- 3-4 cups


Make a muddle of all the ingredients except water/ soda.
You can make a muddle in a tall glass with the help of back of a spoon or rolling pin if you don’t have a muddler like me.

Add in water or soda just before serving.
Add in lots of ice.
You are done.
Sit back and enjoy your yummy Mocktail!!!!


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