Thai Lassi/ Thai Flavored Buttermilk

Thai Lassi/ Thai Flavored Buttermilk

Blazing Sun... Loooong Days.... Sweltering Heat... This all reminds me of Summers.
And summers mean you need refreshing mock tails now and then to replenish your energy. I am no different. But instead of going the sugary way and sipping on calorie laden colas and drinks I prefer home made mock tails and yogurt based traditional drinks.
One such drink is our very own Indian Lassi. Lassi or Buttermilk is a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink. It is a blend of yogurt, water, spices or sugar and sometimes even fruits.
Lassis are enjoyed chilled as a hot-weather natural refreshment.
Today I made Lassi with a Thai Twist. A very unique and unusual fusion. For me fusion means when two distinctive flavors melts into each other and yet stand out. This Buttermilk or Lassi is the perfect example of that.
I love Thai cuisine. The flavors of lemongrass and lime leaves you with fresh breeze. Lassi or buttermilk itself is very refreshing and when thai flavors get incorporated into it, it becomes all the more sumptuous.
This Lassi/ Thai Buttermilk is simple, easy, energetic, refreshing, rejuvenating, cooling, thirst quencher and lemony. What else do you need in a recipe? It's bliss-in-a-glass.
It’s a must try recipe.

Yogurt/ curd- 2 full cups or 500gms
Rock salt- 1tsp(Adjust as per your taste)
Chaat masala-1 tsp (Adjust as per your taste)
Lemongrass- 1 stalk (chopped)
Kaffir lime leaves- 14-15
Lemon juice- 1tsp
Ginger- 2" piece
Raw Mango- 1(chopped)
Water- 1 litre


Blend lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger and raw mango with some water in a mixer or with a hand blender.
Pass this mix through a sieve.
Mix this sieved mixture with yogurt, salt and chaat masala.
Blend well.
Add lemon juice. Mix well.
If its thick add some more water.
Serve chilled.
This Thai Lassi is my contribution to my Blog hop Facebook Group Healthy Wealthy Cuisines where our theme is Summer Bliss with Lassi. Please do check some other shares by my fellow blogger friends-


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