Mahalabia OR Muhalabia with Orange Glaze

Mahalabia with Orange Glaze

Wishing you all a very HAPPY & PROSPEROUS DIWALI!!!
May God fill this World with peace and happiness!! Let there be light, happiness and hope in each and every heart!!

DIWALI- The Festival of Lights,The Festival of Happiness, The Festival of Joys, The Festival of Spirituality and not to forget THE FESTIVAL OF SWEETS. It's my favourite festival. You can say I just wait for this festival throughout the year. I love spring cleaning for Diwali, buying new decors for home, buying new clothes for my family and above all love making delicacies.

This Diwali I thought of making something different rather than age old recipes like ladoos, jalebis, kalakand etc. Hence, came the idea of making something from the Arabic cuisine.
Diwali is the festival of Indian subcontinent, the place from where I come from while this dish is from Arabic cuisine, the place which is my home from last one and half decades. In a way this is my tribute to my janambhoomi (home country) from my karambhoomi (the land where one works).
Mahalabia or Muhalabia is a popular middle eastern dessert. It is essentially a milk dessert which is creamy, rich and just sweet enough without being very heavy, and the mild flavour of orange water gives it a very festive spirit. Mahalabia is arabic cousin of Custard or Italian Panna Cotta.
You can add in Rose water instead of orange blossom water. As far as garnishing this flavorful dessert goes, there are umpteen variations. You can simply garnish with nuts like Crushed pistachios and almonds or you can simply top it up with dried Rose petals. Rose syrup too makes a wonderful topping. Slightly dilute it with some water and drizzle over. If you are out of everything, don't worry simply garnish with some berries or fruits whichever is available with you.
I have garnished my Mahalabia with Orange Glaze, and I must pat my back for this unique and super scrumptious combo of flavors I have made. The Orange glaze perfectly balances the sweetness of Mahalabia and gives it a sweet and tart burst of flavors.

This one dessert will please your guests to their hearts content. They will be in awe of you. From the looks it seems to be a very tough dessert to pull off but trust me, it's super quick and super easy to make.
So, my Diwali this year will be with an Arabic twist to it ;)

During Diwali we all are busy decorating our homes, attending to guests and in distributing sweets and gifts to friends and relatives. Amid all this sometimes it becomes real difficult to make a dish which is easy to make yet looks gorgeous. But, you can bet on this, as this recipe is:
*super easy to make
*can be make ahead and kept in fridge, in fact, overnight chilling (covered) gives the best result.
*rich in flavors
*unique taste for our Indian palettes.

I am sure you will become the star of the party by serving your guests a very wonderful,different, unique and beautiful dessert.
Go ahead and give it a try.

Let's see how to make this by having a look at the ingredients list.


For Mahalabia

Milk - 1 liter
Cream- 250 ml
Corn Flour- 7 tablespoons
Sugar- 3/4th cup
Orange Blossom Water OR Rose Water- 2 tablespoon

For Orange Glaze
Orange Juice- 3 cups
Sugar- 2 tablespoon
Corn flour- 1 tablespoon

For Garnishing- Crushed Pistachios, Pomegranate arils, Oranges


For making Mahalabia:

From the 1 liter milk take out 1 cup milk.

Add cornflour to it and mix well so that there are no lumps.

In a heavy bottomed pan keep milk and cream for boiling on low heat.

Add in sugar also. Keep stirring.
 Add the cornflour+milk mix to the simmering milk.

Stir constantly till the milk thickens and small air bubbles start to appear.

Add in the Orange blossom water. Mix well.

 Switch off the heat.

Divide it into individual serving bowls/cups and let it cool down then place in the fridge covered with cling film to cool for at least 2 hours.

It will thicken when cold.

For making the Orange glaze:

Dissolve the cornflour in 1 tablespoon of orange juice.

Keep the reaming sugar and Juice in a pan for boiling.
When it comes to a boil add in the cornflour mix.
Give it a good mix and cook till thick.
Let it cool down before using it.
Take an individual bowl/cup in which you have set your Mahalabia.
Drizzle some glaze over it.
Garnish with pista slivers, orange slices and pomegranate arils.
Keep it in fridge again for 2-3 hours.

Serve Chilled!!

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