Kesar Peda

Kesar Pedas

Relationships are the true essence of any festivity and it holds true for any festival. Each occasion brings the family together which calls for a celebration.

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is a celebration of one such relation,the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and bond between brothers and sisters. It is a day when siblings pray for each others' well being and wish for each others' happiness and goodwill.
The pious bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. Rakhi is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding where sisters tie a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother's wrist. This symbolizes the sister's love and prayers for her brother's well-being, and the brother's lifelong vow to protect her. This thread, which emulates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments, is rightly called the ‘Rakhi’. It means 'a bond of protection'.

Although most siblings still try and get together on this auspicious day, but sometimes it may be impossible. Same is the case with me. I miss my brothers the most on this very special day but Alas!!!!!
But more than the gesture, it's the sentiment which matters the most. Irrespective of distance and one's busy schedules, one can bond with their siblings if one is emotionally attached to them. You don't need a day or a reason to express your love for your brother or sister. The feeling of affection comes from within and should not be saved for a particular day. Your loved ones are there in your thoughts and blessings always.
So through this post of mine or rather through my Pedas which are their one of the favorite sweets, I'm sending my brothers my wishes,blessings and love which no distance can lessen.

All indians consider Peda to be a very auspicious dessert, something that is symbolic of an occasion that needs to be celebrated. Whether it be passing in exams, buying a new thing, welcoming a new member in our family, prashad or an auspicious festival to celebrate the sacred bond between a sister and her brother, peda is one such dessert that resonates the meaning of auspicious every time.
As festive season is just round the corner we all will be busy making sweets and savories. But, in this hot and humid time of the year who wants to slog in the kitchen for hours. Same goes with me too. So, instead of relying on store bought stuff why not make something at home which is quick and easy to make but you don't have to compromise on taste.
And voila, you know what, when I sent these pics to my bros who are miles away from me they were super excited and happy. My happiness knew no bounds when I could manage to recreate some childhood memories by making one of their favorite sweets in my kitchen.

Kesar Peda is a delicious melt in mouth Indian sweet/mithai made of cottage cheese (chenna/paneer) and khoya ( evaporated milk).
It won't be an exaggeration if I say that these simple and easy to make fragrant and flavorful Pedas are an instant hit not only with adults but are equally loved by kids.

My family loved them to the core. I am sure you will also love them. Waiting to hear your feedback :)


Chenna/Paneer - 100 gms ( home made)
Khoya - 100 gms
Sugar - 3/4th Cup
Saffron - 15-20 strands ( Soaked in 1/4th cup of warm Milk )
Green cardamoms - 8-9(seeds only) Crushed coarsely
Kewra Essence- 1/2 teaspoon
Almond and Pistachio slivers for garnishing
Silver foil for garnishing (Optional)


In a heavy bottom pan, add Chenna and Khoya and cook on medium heat till it starts to leave the sides of the pan and gets mixed well and starts forming a lump.
Keep stirring continuously.
Add crushed cardamoms,saffron soaked in milk and sugar and cook till all the moisture dries.
Keep stirring to avoid burning.
Add in the kewra essence and mix well.
Cook until the mixture forms a soft dough and starts leaving the pan.
Remove the pan from heat.
Let the mixture cool.
When the mixture comes to warm temperature and is easy to handle knead the mixture nicely with the heels of your hands until it is smooth and glossy.
Now, divide the mixture in to equal portions and shape in the form of round pedas or as you like.
Garnish with Almond and Pistachio slivers and Saffron.
You can put some Silver foil too on the Pedas to give that rich festive feel.
(Malai Peda stays well easily for 3-4 days in a clean airtight container in refrigerator)


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