How do you follow your diet regime. How much ever I try but All the food pics on my facebook food groups put me back on the eating mode.
This time I started with a bang. Made big promises to myself that from now on I'll be a good girl. No junk, daily exercise, eat healthy and on proper time.
But all the promises goes down the drain when you see drooling pics of food food and food. I guess I have to deactivate my fb to be on the track ;)
But like food fb too is a part of mine and I guess everybody's life.

Coming to these Pizza Tarts. These Pizza Tarts are easy, tasty,yummy and quick to put together.
Buy some puff pastry, roll it out, cut it and top it with delicious sauce and toppings and fresh mozzarella cheese. Pure joy.

Though you can serve them either as a quick starter or a snack, but we actually had this for lunch, with a bowl of fresh salad and some juice.
I made them with readymade Puff Pastry Square Sheets.
I would suggest making more of them as they turned out so delicious that everyone will want more.

Though this recipe was not intended to be included on my blog but it turned so yummm and well that I thought of sharing it with you all. All the Ingredients I used were not measured, I did everything just by eyeing the measurements.

There's no hard and fast rule to select the toppings. You can use whatever is available with you. And With Cheese you can never go wrong. More is always less, Isn't it ;)


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